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LexShop - FN - 4.5/5 ⭐


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I love LexShop been using these guys for over 9months now just hindering a year now and got to say im just impressed by there first off PROFESSIONALISM that they hold always willing to help and make any situation right, over the 9months ive only been perm banned 1 time on rust but that was because of me cheating for a month straight on a Monthly Offical server admin saw me live and got DEV banned so be smart dont be beaming kids being obvious just use it to make smart tatical moves the FN cheat is a 4.5/5 only because of a few bugs That will most likely be fixed but imma be honest still the best cheat to use over all chinese and scamming resellers go right to the dev and get right use LEXSHOP 

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