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Friends, I've been using this cheat for 2 days now and I want to share my experiences with you.

Edit: I've tried many Valorant cheats before, both paid and free ones, but this cheat experience really impressed me.

Wall Hack 10/10: I can say it has the best wall hack I've seen so far. It's extremely stable and impressive, it even surprised me.

Aimbot 10/8: I think it has a sufficient aimbot. It accurately tracks your target and works flawlessly. When you increase the smooth value to 8, it's almost impossible for your teammates to notice.

Computer Performance: Normally, when I play on the lowest settings, I get around 200 fps. My system is mid-range, with 24 GB of RAM and a GTX 1650. However, when I activate this cheat, my fps stays stable between 130 and 160, and I haven't experienced any issues while playing. However, when I alt-tab, the fps drops to around 90.

Ban Situation: I've been playing continuously for the past two days and haven't encountered any issues so far. I'm playing legitimately, so I think the chance of getting banned is low. However, if I do get banned, I'll let you know the reason and when it happened.

I definitely recommend it with its current performance. Every Valorant player should try this cheat at least once.

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