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To be honest, I have never used a cheat in Fortnite, in fact it is my first time using one and the truth is that I find that the cheat is very good. I have used cheats in cs2, valorant and more. So I'm going to give my humble opinion about this cheat.

VISUALS 8/10: They are not the best or the worst, but it is appreciated that they are there.

AIMBOT 9/10: I have been using the cheat for 3 days straight without stopping, and I have found a way to configure it well, so for cheating rage it is fine, but since this cheat is more focused on people who only play with a little aimbot and smooth I think is fine.

MENU 10/10: Simple and minimalist, nothing more to add


The cheat is good, you could say that it is for people who are about to play legit cheating or closet cheating. I have won a wagger in that I have had this cheat and they have not called me a hacker so far. So I feel that the cheat is very good.

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