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(DISCLAIMER) Before you read all of this:
Our cheats are here since 3 years. Now we support WIN 10 WIN 11 on ALL our games.
Last year and half we didnt have detection. BIOS modification are not needed to use our cheats.
Simple injection, Full System Support, HWID spoof and cleaner with most of our games (cod and val dont have spoof)
EFT,RUST,APEX,FN (and any other expect that 2 games) HAVE spoofer and support special game modes like fn tournament.
We update our cheats for years constantly fast as ever game patch drop.

Hello guys, thanks everyone for selling our cheats or supporting us by being our customer.
We are glad to say you that as you see we working last 3 years (yes already pass that much time) on our cheats constantly. 
I believe that are we only normal cheats what wont get you banned for at least year or two.
Due your support we are constantly updating our cheats and adding new games.
Old games what are lost interest we are removed already: 
Like MW2 since no one play it we remove it and leave just MW3, WZ, DMZ to make things more easy..
For VALORANT yes we been testing is last 2 month to make sure our VANGUARD bypass is good even for aimbot and yes we been ud on vanguard for years and then we got detected and been down last 2 months ( Sorry everyone for waiting) 
3 month since last valorant detection while testing. Public release happen in november with zero bans so far so it was successful re-release After successful testing. VAL game is report type game so you need to optimize default cheat settings always to look legit per your system! 
Also we are removed VAL ESP and added it instead to normal cheat so who want VAL cheat to use just ESP can get full key and disable aimbot and miscs.. Price also match with discount + old ESP keys are now transferred to normal.

For driver optimization + features updates we started last month already optimize it as you see for simple usage without bios modification (mostly due valorant so all can use on win 10 win 11 and upcoming games as well) so if you experience any bugs in mean time of adding that features to our driver we are sorry and you can ask as always additional time its not problem we as always work to make cheat friendly and easy to use as possible which we achieved ❤️ 

You guys know we dont ask you leave vouch on site and forums but it would be nice we would appreciate it. Even if you are seller. We appreciate anyone support and all customers and seller who are here to be on our long journey. 
Even if we have no time to advertise or be active on other forums we have you, who will speak in our name and/ or sell in your shops as it was so far. ( You can also share your customers feedbacks to our site would be nice since i know to all who dont know us yet feedbacks are important and tbh i want to actually show people our reach for last 3 years which is huge over our sellers) ( that would be really nice instead to be incognito so anyone who i see speak and leave reviews about us will reward somehow for taking his time to talk or vouch about us. ) 

We know time and we know how is to read something big like this. Thank you if you read everything.

Thank you all who read this and happy Xmas and New year to you and your family. 
This is probably our last long ass update for this year. We can easily say that many more years will come with all you guys ❤️ 

Thank you very much for supporting lexshop.xyz i love you all. Enjoy in our normal ud af cheats and private cheats.. Talk about us online please. All our cheats are up to date and work. 

Admin Lex Shop

Yes there is discount for everyone just ask us.

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